We take our work as a non-profit organisation very seriously and therefore attach great importance to transparency

Uniform publication obligations for non-profit organizations do not exist in Austria. Anyone working for the non-profit sector should tell the community what the organization’s goals are, where the funds come from, how they are used, and who the decision makers are.

We support the idea of the Transparent International Initiative, in which many civil society and academic stakeholders have defined ten basic points.

1. Name, location, address and year of foundation

Football Helps

Hummelgasse 14, A-1130 Vienna

Founded 2011

ZVR-Number: 175732941

2. Statutes and goals

You can find our statutes here.

You can find our goals here.

3. Details to be a tax-priviledged body

Our association is tax-privileged! All donations are deductible either as a business expense (companies) or as a special expense (private donors). Donations of goods from companies are also depreciable. For private donors this even happens automatically! Football Helps sends the total amount of your donation to the Ministry of Finance at the end of the year. If you wish to do so, you must submit the following information to Football Helps:
First and last name as per your registration form and date of birth.  More detailed information on donation deductibility can be found on the Austrian Ministry of Finance website

4. Name and function of substantial decision makers

The managment board is put togeter as following since the election from 8th of January 2021:

Chief Executive Officer: Simplice Muriganeza

Project Director: Julian Dorrek

Chief Financial Officer: Simon Hala

Data protection officer: Simon Hala

Responsible for advertising, correct and ethical fundraising: Julian Dorrek

Responsible for the correct use of the donations: Simplice Mugiraneza, Simon Hala

Auditors: Regina Schnabl, Amadea Wildgans

You find the actual excerpt from the registry of associations here.

5. Activity report

You can find the activity report of the past year here.

6. Staff structure

In Austria, 17 employees are volunteers and free of charge. In Burundi, 10 out of 19 employees receive a monthly allowance. 25 coaches in Burundi work free of charge. You can find all details to our team here

7. Source of funds 

Football Helps is committed to preserving integrity in all marketing and fundraising campaigns. The methods and means to raise funds meet the requirements of general morality, filial piety and decency. Appeals for donations should never be indecent or improper for those in need, the public and for those requested to donate.
Details to our sources of funds you find in our annual finance report here.

8. Use of funds

Football Helps uses donations entrusted to it effectively and sparingly for its statutory goals. When using donations entrusted to us their greatest possible effectiveness is ensured. The advertising and administrative costs are kept as low as possible. The entire team in Austria works free of charge.
Details to our use of funds you find in our annual finance report here.

9. Partnership participation

We have a promissoring contract with our partner organization Association Football Helps in Burundi.

10. Names of legal persons, which annual payment is more than 10 % of the total annual budget.

No person earns more than 10 % of the total annual budget.

11. General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO)

Your data is processed within the law of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Data protection officer: Simon Hala

“If our motivation is strong and healing, we can do everything.”

Dalai Lama